Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Where has this last month gone? Hopefully OUT with a blast of cold air!

It was 76 degrees today - heaven! I've got a nasty cold that I got before my last cold was gone, and I was running a fever today so I didn't do anything much except download some more pictures for products on Zazzle. Other than that, I just opened the windows, let the warm air in, and took it easy! It's supposed to be 70 tomorrow too, and I feel better, so hopefully I can get outside and enjoy the weather before we drop back to the more seasonable 60s and 50s. One good thing is even the 50s and 60s won't be around that much longer! Whooo. I so excited for winter to be OVER!

So much stuff had gone on since I last posted, dad had a pretty bad car accident, his blood sugar has been totally out of control and we finally got a chance to tell his wife a few things that had been on our mind. Ha ha... Well, Mel and Dan did. By the time we actually tried to talk to her a couple weeks ago all she was looking to do was fight and carry on a bunch of crap. We were trying to extend the olive branch, but you know, you can't reason with an unreasonable person. All we want to do is make sure dad is taken care of. She left twice saying she can't do it, but dad can't do without her (he thinks) so she came back. It's probably just a matter of time before she takes off. The family motto is now "When the going gets tough, Pam gets going". More than appropriate. Dad says she fixed breakfast for him today before she went to work. Probably poured him a bowl of cereal, but she's not my problem.

Dad's healing nicely from the fractured C7 vertebra he has. Tomorrow he actually gets to sleep without his cervical collar on - I know he's been looking forward to that. As far as any other major injuries he was a darn lucky guy... He got quite the bump on the head and some scrapes and nasty bruises, but he's healing well. What a slap in the face as far as realizing dad's mortality! It was good for all of us kids to be able to put aside our differences and come together to work for dad's best interest. Now we've just got to get the blood sugar under control, get his thyroid level back to normal and see what can be done about his kidney function, which is off - probably because of the blood sugar being so high for so long. One good thing did come out of the accident - besides all of us pulling together for dad - he found out insulin isn't the evil he thought it was!

The baby is growing and growing. Mirisa had an ultrasound last week and Matt brought the pictures over so we could see. I'm so excited! I think we have less than 180 days to go, the doctor changed the due date by moving it ahead to September 9. Yay! It was the 14th, so that's exciting news! Now I just can hardly wait for the 20th week or so, so we can find out if it's a boy or a girl. Whee!

I have so much more I want to write, but I'm so tired and my back is just killing me. Wah wah... So much for flexeril. It doesn't get high marks in my book for being a wonder drug!

I'll try not to neglect my poor blog for so long next time!

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