Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

And here's to a better 2009! We didn't do anything this year, which was just fine with me! I was supposed to work, but my computer died on my again. Imagine... lol! I took it up to the hospital on New Year's Day and picked it up again the next day. Finally working like it should. I can't figure out why the hospital doesn't have a spare computer or two, just in case we have problems with ours. They sure can't get them fixed in a timely manner, and they still expect the dictation to be done. You think they'd have a loaner when we bring one in, we can pick up the loaner and thus not lose any typing time. We have over 800 jobs in the system. Eight-freaking-hundred! There was a time when if we had over 250 or so jobs Administration was breathing down our necks. We have over 150 - probably closer to 200 discharge summaries that need to be done. Hellooooo, that's revenue that the hospital can't get until we get them done and the coders have done their work and bills are sent out. Computers are relatively cheap these days. Of course we're getting that "upgrade" soon. That's what I heard when I started working here 2-1/2 years ago. Our manager told our lead the other day that we'll get new computers with XP on them when we get the new system. Woo hoo.... I'd like to know where they're going to find computers with XP on them now. I wonder if the new system is Vista compatible? Oh well, the computer is back, it's working, I'm working... All is well with the world for right now.

Everyone is doing great! Meg went back to school last night after being home for a month. The house is sure quiet without her. Toby and Ruger are both in a funk now. LOL! It used to be only Ruger that would pine away when Meg left to go to school, but since Sophie died Toby adopted Meg as his new buddy. Ruh row... as Scooby Doo would say. He stayed in bed all day. Don't know if he was sulking or mourning, but she'll be back in 2 weeks for the weekend and he'll be happy. I feel sorry for them, I wish I could make them understand that she'll be back soon, but for as many times as she's come and gone, Ruger still doesn't get it.

I finally got busy and got Sophie's memorial page submitted today at the Dachshund memorial page. Cried buckets while I did it, but it's done. Now, I need to start working on her scrapbook. I started printing out all the messages we got from people when she went to The Bridge, but took a break and never went back to it. There's always tomorrow!

We've been having a blast with the Wii Steve got for Christmas. (Thanks mom!) Steve is hooked on something like rabid raggets (I can't remember the name for the life of me), and I'm having a blast with Wii bowling. I'd love to have WiiFit, but with it being the first of the year, all the prescriptions are going to be full price, the kennel license is due, and so are all the dog licenses. January is tough! Thankfully, we switched back to ConAgra's health insurance and won't have a $13,000 out of pocket expense this year - and hopefully no one will need surgery! (Steve, do you hear me?)

Steve got me a Nintendo DS for Christmas and a couple of word games and brain quizzes, it's fun, but I think I still like my Kindle best... There's nothing like a good book, a warm fire, and an ice-cold Dr. Pepper!

Matt and Mirisa got me some scrapbook stuff, stamps and 9 or 10 different little stamp pads, some rub ons and some rub on edging, so I have to get back to working on my scrapbooks. I've got to corral Sarah some time too, she's still got all her Hannah Montana stuff to finish (hint, hint, Mel...) I've got to get that room cleaned out! I've got a couple requests from RAOGK too, so I need to get to the library and get some more lookups done for obits they requested. I met one of Nebraska's great genealogist's when I was there last week, she gave me some good tips and a couple good websites to check out for Omaha, Douglas County, marriages and obits - Thanks, Karen!

Well, that's my break for tonight. As I sit here and look at all my snoozing dogs, I wish I could join them - but only 4 more hours to go! Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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