Monday, December 1, 2008

Sophie Update

Well, we bit the bullet and Sophie had her surgery. No tumors or obvious cancer, but she did have 2 enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes which were biopsied to rule out lymphoma. Poor little sweetheart is in a lot of pain. Her entire abdomen was inflamed from something - the vet doesn't know what. He said he'd never seen such a thing in his 20 years of doing surgery. Plus, with the barium, nothing would pass into her stomach, yet there was no indication of a blockage during the surgery. So, it's still touch and go for her.

NOW - Toby has his first bladder infection, which for a paralyzed dog is remarkable, they're very prone to bladder and kidney infections since they can't completely empty their bladders on their own. He's on antibiotics and believe it or not - cranberry juice. He loves drinking cranberry juice. If it's good for a human's bladder infection maybe it will help him too? We'll see.

At this rate, I think I should see if the vet has any job openings so I can work off some of the debt, but I just couldn't put her down for a bowel obtruction, unless of course it was obviously cancer. The vet and I had a long talk before he did the surgery this morning and I feel like I did the right thing. So.... That's it for the medical status of the fur kids!

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