Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh yes, I'm a witch

I deleted a post that I had made yesterday. Not because I didn't mean what I said, but I think I made my point and I think the person who needed to read it has read it. I still have it and I will post it again if I feel the need. My intent wasn't to harm anyone, it was just to make some people aware that I am not going to be pushed around anymore. If you do something incredibly mean spirited, I will call you out on it. I've had enough bull from this family to last me a lifetime and I'm taking it any more. If you have something to say to me you can say it TO ME or you can drop it. Your choice.

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SoupDiva said...

geez. I miss coming here one day and there's drama and I missed it all! I wanted to tell you I am sorry your Sophie passed away. She looked adorable. AAHHHHH family drama. I can relate. There are a few people who were deleted from the christmas card list this year, and for good reason. No invites for dinner were sent to them either. Their calendar has some vacancies because they act like jerks and expect family to accept it without apology. I hear ya. I have been through the ringer this year with family drama, surgeries galore for many people, other people dying, mission trips to foreign countries, high school senior year expenses, you name it.
I am glad you are putting your foot down, even though I am completely clueless as to the circumstances. We all have an invisible line, once we reach the limit, it's only fair to ourselves to remind others where it's at. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, despite losing your furbaby and family drama.