Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another day...

Steve and I went to see Sophie last night before I had to go to work. She's feeling better I think. More of a sparkle to her eyes. We took her outside to take care of business and she was walking pretty well. I feel so sorry for her, the incision is about 6" long, all the way from her breastbone down about as far as it could go. She was hooked up to an IV and in a nice soft bed before we came - but she was sure excited to see us! I'm a little concerned that she threw up before we went outside, but I'm hoping it was just because the pain medication can make her a little sick to her stomach. I'd hate to think we put her through the for nothing!

I worked from 7 p.m. until just now. We have mandatory 5 hours of OT - again. The money is nice, but I'm so tired when we have to do that. I was still working alone at 5 a.m., I'm wondering if Barb is having computer problems again. Don't get me started. lol! Amanda and Barb both had computer problems Monday and of course there aren't any extras - just in case something happens. It's not like our computers have a stellar track record. Something is always happening to someone or other. There is supposed to be a spare since MRT quit, I don't know why they couldn't give that one to one of them. Probably gave it to some other department in the hospital when they decided not to hire someone to take MRT's place. Pffffttttt...

I've got some RAOGK stuff to look up downtown at the library and I just don't feel like driving downtown when I finally do haul myself out of bed. Rats. Look at me, I'm already dreading going downtown and I haven't even got to bed yet! lol!

Amber came over tonight to print her Christms cards. They're so cute! She photoshopped a picture of her cute little family on to a picture of the family in "The Christmas Story" - too cute! I waited until she sat down to tell her I talked to Missy today. I was afraid she'd faint.

I've got to get some sleep, later!

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