Friday, November 14, 2008

The Deer Season Is Upon Us

Steve left to go deer hunting this morning. Men are funny aren't they? Deer season doesn't start until Saturday at sunrise, but today is Thrusday and off they went to they could get the best camping spot. It kind of reminds me of women and shopping on the day after Thanksgiving! Gotta beat the greedy guys to the best spot! What's even funnier is last year when they got there someone had already taken their favorite camping spot, so this year one of the guys actually left yesterday to make sure they got the good spot.

I'm not so fond of hunting season. I'm not so fond of fall and the holidays actually. For some reason, mentally, this has always been the hardest time of the year for me. I don't have tons of happy memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas - noting horrendous happened, but it just was never may favorite time of the year. Then in 1991 my grandmother died in December and that kind of clinched it. Between the holidays, the time change, and the anniversary of grandma's passing, this is always the most anxiety-ridden time of the year.

The dogs aren't too happy that Steve is gone either. Toby is Steve's dog, he's a real "daddy's boy" (Sorry, if you're not a dog lover, but that's just the way he is.) He doesn't like me to change his belly band, he doesn't like for me to feed him, and he especially does NOT like me to have to express his bladder. In case you don't recall, Toby is paralyzed and blind. He started whining at the garage door about 5:15, right around the time Steve would be home from work, and by 6:30 he was howling. Oh heavens... He's slept most of the evening and I just let him stay in our room tonight. I'll probably regret it in the morning, but it's easier than getting bitten. And I'm not kidding.

I started work early tonight because I have to get up before noon - I have a doctor's appointment at 1 tomorrow in Fremont, so I have to be up, showered, dressed and out the door by no later than 12:15 - not easy when I work until 3:30 a.m. Today it was 1 p.m. before I woke up. Usually Steve gets me up when he comes home for lunch, so it was nice to sleep until I woke up. Tonight, all the fur kids were feeling a little "off" with Steve gone. Buttercup has been sleeping in the bed recently (yes, our dogs sleep with us!) Heidi sleeps under a fleece blanket at the foot of the bed and Sophie sleeps under the top quilt. Tonight for some reason Sophie took offense to Buttercup being in bed and thehy got into a fight - a real dogfight. Last time those two got into it I ended up with a mangled finger. I gingerly pulled them apart and Buttercup is now sulking under the bed. Baloney! I left Toby asleep so I didn't wake him, get him riled up, and get bitten and I ended up getting nipped anyway. Somedays you just can't win when you're outnumbered 7 to 1!

It's been rainy and cold, but it's supposed to get windy and a bit warmer tomorrow. I guess we can't expect much more, after all, it is November in Nebraska. There been times Steve's had to shovel the space in his campground before he could set up his tent, so this really isn't so bad. I've just had my first cold of the season and I'm not liking it. I have to stock up on vitamin C tomorrow when I get my prescriptions. We both had our flu shots already, so with a little Vitamin C, we should be set for the cold and flu season.

Saturday is dad's birthday. I guess I forgot that in my list of birthdays the other day. He got into it with a shoplifter the other night at work and got knocked down. I'm a little worried about him, but I can't tell him that since he's not talking to me. I wonder how much longer he's going to have to work. Probably until the day he drops dead if that idiot wife of his has anything to say about it. You think someday the light would come on for that idiot and she's realize that when you marry a man old enough to be your father maybe, just maybe he won't be able to work like a kid to keep you in new toys. Whatever, not my pig, not my farm. He made his decision to cut my family out of his life and that's where it will stand.

In the it's a small world department... Last year when we got new next door neighbors the guy that lived there was a nephew of one of my good friends (who actually taught me all there is to know about medical transcription). I thought that was a coincidence, but he moved out earlier this summer and now we have 2 young couples living next door. They're very quiet and keep to themselves. Great neighbors! Anyway, I got an e-mail from another friend of mine tonight and she said, "Gluess what? My niece lives next door to you!" What are the odds that I'd get neighbors twice in a row who were related to friends of mine!? I thought that was kind of ironic.

I guess that's it for now. I should try to get some sleep tonight. Ha ha... The first night Steve is gone I can't sleep worth a darn. Tomorrow night Meg will be home, and by the time she goes back to school on Sunday I'll be able to sleep and then Steve will come home and I won't be able to sleep again. Sigh... lol! Sweet Dreams!

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East of Eden said...

I invite Steve to come to my yard and kill the buck that keeps parking its fat @@@ on my grass and leaving foot prints and other presents. I've run out of rocks to throw at it.