Monday, September 8, 2008

Huh? Could you repeat that please?

Steve has a very good friend who has been up in Alaska caribou hunting for the last couple of weeks. He lives about 2 hours away from Omaha, so he stayed with us the night before he left and Steve took him to the airport so he could leave his car with us while he was gone. I noticed when he left that he had written down is arrival information on an envelope, so I put it on the bulletin board so it wouldn't get lost. It would have been better off lost. Now, before I say anything more, I have to say this is a smart man. He's a neuropsychologist, a doctor, and I've known him for a long time. He IS intelligent. However, this is the note that he left.

"Flight back from AK - North West (sic) Air #153, arrive Omaha 7:24 p.m. 09/08/2008, Tuesday" (He underlined Tuesday. When I put this away I thought, "I thought Northwest flight numbers were 4 digits... I must be wrong". Well, he called Steve the other night to reiterate he would be home on the 8th, Tuesday. Well, Steve didn't realize the 8th was Monday until I reminded him. Uh oh. Steve thought he'd just go out to the airport tonight and see if he had looked on his ticket and realized the 8th was Monday. But... We looked up Northwest flight #153. No such number. All the flight numbers are 4 digits long. Great. How about a plane arriving in Omaha from Minneapolis at 7:24? Nope. Sigh. So I checked from Fairbanks to Omaha. Well yes, flight 1020 arrives at 7:50. Maybe that was it. Steve called his friend in Fairbanks to see he left today or not. The phone number we have is hooked up to a fax. Heavy sigh. We've given up, I imagine he'll call from the airport. Whenever he gets here.

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