Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holy... whatever.

I can't even believe I read this. After I read the story I noticed a link to a video. I'm speechless.

Omaha, NE - Funeral services were held Friday for 17-year-old Joshua Wayland. He was killed when a truck carrying 95-thousand pounds of rock smashed into his car at Highways 370 and 50 last week. The family invited Action 3 News to the funeral.

It was not the typical atmosphere many would expect at a funeral. A band rocked out on stage with kids and adults dancing below, all while a 17-year-old was lying motionless in a casket.
Hundreds of friends and family filled the sancuary at Liberty Christian Center for Joshua Wayland's funeral service. It was a time to remember and honor the teen.

"There's not one moment that I was with him that he was not making me laugh or making me smile," said one of Josh's friends.

Saying goodbye wasn't easy. At one point, the pastor approached the casket, leaned in and called Josh back to life. "It's time for you to wake up Josh," said Pastor McGaffin. "It's time for you to wake up. It's time for you to breathe. It's time for your eyes to open."

For some it was too much, and they left. But Jim McGaffin, head pastor at the church, tells Action 3 News he believes Josh died too soon and he should still be alive. Others felt the same way.
"Joshua come forth!" pleaded one person over his casket.

Josh's family prayed by his open casket, even hours after the service ended, hoping for a miracle.
Reported by Chriss Knight,


Anonymous said...

This is very tragic, but I can't believe people were thinking that he would come back to life. That's the really sad part.


Anonymous said...

I can because I knew him and I was there. People have been raising from the dead all over the world, even in the US for the last few years...its not sad...its hope!

Anonymous said...

Amen! I believe it too.. I was there. Raising the dead is possivle. If you read matthew 10 verse 8 IN THE BIBLE.. It should read something like this.. My people.. You are commanded to heal the sick, cast out demons & RAISE THE DEAD! Anythings possible. Just just have to have faith.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't "too much" for those of us who left the sanctuary; we were horrified that they would try to take him out of heaven and make him come back. It gave no closure for me, and I'm sure not for the family either. I do pray that the church will be able to find the closure the funeral lacked to provide, just like Joshy would have wanted. He wouldn't have wanted to come back after rockin' out w/ Jesus.

Mindi said...

Thank you anonymous (05/16/09). I have a lot of faith and I believe in the resurrection, but I don't think God is going to allow people to be raised from the dead just because the minister or pastor or family thinks he/she was too young to die. I believe there is a time to be born and a time to die, and I believe God knows both before we're ever sent to this earth. To try to tamper with the will of God is just futile.