Monday, July 28, 2008

My brother, Skydivingfool

That's right, my baby brother took his maiden jump yesterday. How exciting is that? It looked like so much fun, but I don't think that's something I'm going to add to my bucket list. I'd puke, and that would be embarrassing, but it was a blast to watch him and his friend, Anthony, take their dives. Wish I could have been there is person, but the videos were great.

Renee stopped by last night and since I had just made some homemade biscuits for strawberry shortcake - we indulged in that and had a great visit. I should call her more often, she's so funny and whenever we get together I'm always in a better mood. Maybe I should move to Minneapolis too! Ha ha!

I'm on vacation all week - Yay! I ran some errands today and actually got laundry folded the within the same 24 hours it was done! What a novel idea! I still have to move a ton of crap out of my office, the carpet layers will be here tomorrow at noon, so I've got to have the room empty for them. And a couple shelves up into the closet (that's the worst part). I'm getting out my big garbage bags and going to town! Purge, purge, purge...


Marc said...

For those of you in Omaha who want to skydive... you are in luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Marc! As if! My life everyday is an adventure! Why would I ever want to skydive?!

Hey Min, I'm still waiting for the pictures of Vince from when you babysat him!


Jack said...

I agree with you, I could never go skydiving myself. A buddy of mine had an amazing skydiving New York City trip though. Yeah, he dove over NYC. He said the view was incredible and that he'd do it again in a heartbeat. But I love the ground too much to go in for that.