Thursday, June 12, 2008

My take on Freecyclers

I belonged to Freecycle a couple years ago, but then just ended up feeling overwhelmed by e-mails, so I unsubbed; but a couple weeks ago I rejoined to try to rid myself of some clutter. I can hardly believe the change in postings. Lately I've seen posting from people wanting living room sets (in great condition), to 21" television sets (with remote, please). What the heck people? I think it's one think for someone to be generous enough to give something away that they could probably sell and make some money on, but it's entirely another to go begging for it. Which is exactly how I see what's going on over at Freecycle. I've seen people ask for laptops for their kids for school to computers so the kids don't have to share. Geez, there must be a lot of people out there more generous than I am. I'm a used clothes swapper and I think kids toys and stuff, but I would never ASK for a television or living room set. But that's just me, I guess.


N.F. said...

A few months ago I heard about that site/group/whatever. So, I joined my local group - and got really offended by the rudeness of the moderator so I left. Now, I know that I "LET" myself get offended - I made the mistake of begging (ha!) or asking or looking for a cell phone charger, I believe.

I was quickly berated by said moderator for not having LISTED something first.


East of Eden said...

I have never gotten the whole freecycle thing. I guess I just like new things, and am the person who would want to sell my stuff and get the money from it.