Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last night was another night with no sleep. I skipped the Elavil and just took my Ambien, and didn't fall asleep until about 6 this morning. And the dreams? Oh my gosh. I think it's interesting that my mother and Steve are in my dreams as the same person. Yeah, I know that sounds really odd and I'm not exactly sure how it works either, but I just know that they're the same person in my dream. Not good for Steve. ha ha... I had this dream this morning about a lady that I used to work with, dreamed she came over to my house for dinner and we cooked steaks outside and just talked for the longest time. She's been on my mind for awhile, her husband passed away this winter, so probably that's where that comes from, but just odd things in the dream that I can't remember exactly now. Then I had a dream about a house down the street catching fire. In my dream I lived in this house, but it was in a different neighborhood, and the house that caught fire was all glass and you could see inside while it was on fire. I can remember watching their Christmas tree burn in the fire through the windows. Strange, no? I could smell the smoke, strange. It kind of made my whole day feel odd, I hate when dreams do that. I also hope I sleep much better tonight! I should certainly be tired enough.

So, we missed the storms last night that roared through. I'm thinking maybe not so lucky tonight, but we'll see. I love the thunderstorms, but I'm not so keen on tornadoes! We've had a lot of wind today and I've heard some loud noies that I thought might be branches hitting the roof, but when I've got outside I can't see anything. Must be ghost branches.

Back to work, if I have to stop working tonight again because of lightning, I don't want to lose the whole night!

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