Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Looong Weekend

I have a four day weekend! Hallelujah! I have to get some OT in, tomorrow I have to get 5 hours in, and Monday I'll try to work some since it's holiday pay, but I'm just glad to be "officially" off for 4 days.

It wasn't a bad day overall - I got my butt chewed for missing a call from the hospital on Saturday morning. I had the ringer on my cell turned all the way off for Meg's pinning ceremony Friday and forgot to turn it back up before I went to bed. I didn't even hear the home phone ring until the second call, which was my supervisor. Oops. Public thanks to my great friend and co-worker, Cindy, for taking the call. It was my responsibility and I totally dropped the ball, so I deserved the chewing out. And my manager and super aren't the militant type, so it was more like a friendly reminder... lol

Dad's leg has gone wonky again. Missy and Pam took him to the ER on Wednesday night and they couldn't find anything wrong although it was seriously swollen and very painful. I was worried about a blood clot, but fortunately that wasn't it. Unfortunately, we don't know what it was. The ER doc ordered an ultrasound of his kidneys, liver and stomach - I have no idea what that was about. Dad said his liver enzymes were high, but his always are. So are mine and Amber's are too, so it's kind of a familial thing. I was a little worried about the kidneys because of his diabetes, but since no one called him back today and his doctor is out of the office until Wednesday, it looks like we're not going to find out unless we go back to the ER, which we might have to do tomorrow if he's not better.

I went over to his house tonight and he was in quite a bit of pain. He couldn't work, and the leg is still swollen. So... He told me he might want to go to the ER tomorrow if it's still hurting. For him to even admit that is really something, so I know it's bothering him pretty bad. He gets no paid time off either, so if he can't work, no money. Something has to be done. Asshat doctors. Sometimes they tick me off. "Well, we know you're in a lot of pain, but we can't find anything, so go on home now". Grrrrr....

Things here at home have reached a new low, I think. I've been blogging more on my private blog about that. I'm not really ready to share that crap with the whole world. Steve is feeling better though. For whatever that's worth.

All the birthdays, except Steve's are over with. Sunday we're supposed to go to mom and Bob's for Sue's 50th, but really I'm not feeling so into family stuff right now. I'm not sure if I'm going to go. I do know for a fact that I'm not buying another present! That's Steve's family, he can buy the present. And since all I got for him for my birthday was a word search puzzle book, I doubt if I'm going to break the bank getting something for him. Besides, it's the thought that counts, right? ;-)

Mel is leaving tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. with the twins to go see our "mother". I loaned her my GPS to make sure she gets there okay. The weather sounds like it might be bad this weekend, I hope she's safe in that regard. I remember one time Dorothy, Paula, and I were driving home from a weekend in Minneapolis in the pitch black during a blinding thunderstorm and rain when the emergency signal came on the radio saying a tornado had been reported in such and such county. We had no idea where that county was in relation to where we were - for all we knew we were in that county... Apparently we were, since at the next exit the Sheriff was waving everyone off the road and to a nearby gas station. (Which really didn't make me feel better since the place was all glass!) Steve and I went to Kansas City the day after we got married and drove in tornadoes all the way down there. It's not fun! It's only about 6 hours to wherever it is mommy dearest lives, so hopefully she'll get there okay.

I fell the other night - over one of the dogs again. Both of us survived, but I have a huge rug burn on one knee. Seriously, I think I rather have a broken bone than a rug burn. It gets all weepy when it's wet and when it dries up, I can't bend my knee. Stupid thing. I'm just glad I didn't smash a dog!

Matt went to LA for the weekend. One of the guys he grew up with lives there now, he works for some movie studio I think. Anyway, sounds like he's going to have a good time. I hope he has more sun than we're going to have this weekend.

I think that about covers it all. Later gator.

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