Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to (somewhat) normal

Steve came home on Sunday, which is good for a couple reason. I can't believe what I spent on gas driving up there and back - almost $100! So now I know what I'd be spending if I actually had to go to work every day and not just shuffle off to the spare room and kick out some work! Yikes. He's feeling much better, although still a little sore. The dogs are very glad to have him back - especially Toby and Sophie. Toby, because he hates me and I'm sure it must be wearing to be so surly all the time; and Sophie because now that Steve's home from the hospital he's working at home this week, which means there are 2 people to be at the beck and call of HRH, Sophie. She's discovered that she can toss her ball into the bath water and it floats - yesterday she discovered that if someone isn't in the bathtub and there' no water, the ball rolls perilously close to the drain! She was upset to find that it doesn't automatically come out by itself when mom isn't in the tub! Goofy dog.

Spring is definitely here, Ben and Buttercup have both found something smelly (and probably dead) to roll in while outside, so baths have been given several times this past week at our house. I don't mind giving Ben a bath so much, (he's a shorthair) he's so appreciative, he just groans and moans when you rub his back - Buttercup, who is a longhair, is a little witch. She spends the entire bath baring her teeth and when you try to try her off - look out! She hates the blow dryer with a passion, and even towel-drying her is an ordeal. You have to watch the teeth every carefully! She sounds like a motorcycle getting ready to take off, and it's not appreciation she's showing either!

This is the week a turn a year old. Some time in the recent past birthdays have ceased to be a cause for celebration of the arrival of another year, they're more of a celebration of making it through the last one! Ouch. I have 2 days off this week (in a row) so I'm going to try to do something fun. Matt got me a computer scrapbooking program for mother's day, so I'm going to play with that a bit tomorrow. While I'm on the topic of mother's day, Meg got me a really neat wall hanging with a quote on it, which, for the life of me, I can't remember at the moment - but I love both my gifts. Thank you kiddos!

Okay. I'm tired and it's late. Later.

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