Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're in trouble now, Captain

I was working along tonight when all of a sudden I got a message that I had a connection failure to my work platform. I checked the time since they're supposed to reboot every Tuesday at midnight eastern time. Nope, it was 1 a.m. eastern time. I waited a few minutes and tried again. Nothing. I called the help desk, "Well, I rebooted and I haven't seen the document server since." What the heck does that mean? Can you fix it. "Nope, it's at the hospital." Uh oh.

Long story short, our dictation server works, but our document server doesn't. And we have NO backup! Can you believe that? No backup for a hospital server. Apparently our MIS department has tried to include it in a budget, but it has always been turned down in the past. We had over 360 jobs that are now gone, vanished, bye-bye. I can hardly wait for morning. The doctor's can't dictate either for some reason, so we have no dictation system, 5 hand held recorders for over 50 doctors on a given day, and, get this, no transcribers. AND, only 1 workstation in house - even if they do manage to find 6 transcribers. Oh, and with gas approaching 4 bucks a gallon, I'm not driving 50 miles a day to pick up tapes. (insert maniacal laughter here)

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Marc said...

Well, fortunately.. due to HIPPA regulations, they have to have a back up "somewhere". The question is, where? Probably a case of where the left hand doesn't see the right hand.