Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sunny days...

Yeah, right. Yesterday I took Sophie for a walk to the park and back. It was soooo nice. I was sure spring was here! I even had spring fever, couldn't work for a hill of beans yesterday. You know, that "I want to be anywhere but here" kind of feeling that you get when the day is sunny, the trees and bushes are budding, the sun feels warm on your skin. Oh yeah, that was yesterday.

Today? Not so much. It's 37 degrees right now with a wind chill of 29. Snow showers are expected tonight. Damn Sam. I'm getting pretty tired of this. Either make it warm or forget it all together!

You know those Ambien CR commercials that says, the other layers puts you to sleep right away and the inner part keeps you asleep. Um hm, I think somebody forgot the outer layer of my Ambien CR. I quit working last night at 8:30 since I was going with dad to his MRI this morning at 7 (whatever possessed me to make an appointment for 7 a.m., I don't know). I took a nice warm bath and was really looking forward to sleeping on my new feather pillow (that I paid too darn much for, considering the recession and everything). I took my Ambien at 9 p.m. and was still staring at the ceiling at 1 a.m. I love my new clock that shines the time and temperature on the ceiling. Not. I woke up again at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, when I finally just gave up and got up.

Dad got here about 7 and off to the hospital we went. The MRI went pretty smoothly. It was of his leg, so of course he didn't get the whole wonderful treatment of getting stuffed into a metal tube while it sounds like somebody is banging on the outside with a sledge hammer. He got the noise, but not the claustrophobia! It only took about 25 minutes too, which was a plus. Now I just have to call his doctor and make an appointment to get the results. I hope it's something that can be fixed with relative ease and not too much pain. (He's such a baby - I love you dad!)

When I came home I shampooed the carpet in my office, which Steve had promised to do last week, and did some of the bedroom before I decided to take a nap. Sleep was still being elusive, so that didn't work out either. Ah well. And by the way, I'm NOT liking the new channel that used to be Court TV. Boring.

Back to work- Later!

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