Monday, March 10, 2008

Ahhhh. A day off...

It was such a nice day today! I love it when I have a day off! I have to thank Mary for stopping by my blog. It was nice talking to you this morning, I hope you get things worked out for your pups - I totally understand your situation with the dogs. Working at home with dogs is just like working at home with toddlers - well, maybe not "just like" - eventually toddlers grow up and you can reason with them. There's no reasoning with a dog! lol!

I had the day off - ya freaking hoo! Darn the daylight savings time though, that always throws me off for a couple weeks to a month! I got up about 9 and fed the dogs and let them out. I decided I really was going to take care of my cold and get some more sleep - so I went back to bed until about 11:30. That was nice. Amber called, since we were supposed to go shopping for Vince's christening outfit, but I don't want him to catch whatever it is I have, so we're going to try that later in the week. I needed to get some more Diet Dr. Pepper, so I showered and dressed and took off for Wal-Mart. I decided to splurge while I was there and get some new phones for the house. The ones we have are awful, so much static and they just have terrible sound quality. I got some new ones, but they have to recharge for 16 hours before you use them. I'm hoping they're an improvement over the old ones. I took a little detour out to see dad before I came home. He's putting tile in his dining room and kitchen - it looks very nice! Mel came over too - it's handy having her live across the street from dad, I can kill 2 birds with one stone and visit them both.

After I left dad's I stopped for some Wendy's chili and came home. I think tonight I'm going to watch a movie or read a little, but I'm going to go to bed relatively early. I have to go to Fremont tomorrow for a bone density scan and have to get up early to get there by 10. Actually I might just reschedule for another time when I have to go to Fremont anyway, it's kind of a pain to have to go up there twice in 2 days. It just feels good to not have t work tonight!

Toby's being his usual snarky self since Steve is gone. If Steve traveled all the time we'd either have to board him or put him down. He almost got me this afternoon right in the forearm, and it wouldn't have been a little nip either. I love my dogs - I love them a lot, but no way am I going to need stitches because my dog has a nasty disposition. Huh uh... Not gonna happen.

Ack! It's almost 8 o'clock already... I really hate daylight savings time, did I already say that? Good, I meant it. I'm going to grab that movie, a heating pad, and call it a night.


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