Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I (heart) my chiropractor

I can't figure out for the life of my why I protest so much about going to see him. Every time I go I feel so much better. Well, he doesn't exactly help my headache, and I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but tonight... I feel wonderful! I hadn't been to see him in 10 years - holy cow! Today he did x-rays again since it's been so long since I'd been there, and of course my neck is a wreck, but we both knew that. He adjusted my lower back, neck, and hands. Hands! Who would have thought you could adjust hands! They sounded like Rice Krispies, but they sure feel better tonight. I had no idea. My neck isn't crunching when I turn my head either. Viola! Ten years... What WAS I thinking?

It's cold, it's really, really cold. School was closed today because the wind chill this morning was anticipated to be below -20, and Mother Nature didn't disappoint us. The wind chills was -28 this morning when Steve went to work. That's too damn cold. I don't care. It's February, for Pete's sake! Our normal high for this time of year is 41. We're not even coming close to that for at least a week. I'm tired of the cold. It's the last week of February, someone needs to tell Mother Nature her winter nap is OVER! Going to the chiropractor was the only thing I went out for today, believe me!

I had a little issue with my pain pills last night. I had called the pharmacy on Monday to have my prescription refilled since I had enough for a day and a half or so. I forgot to go get them early yesterday so Steve stopped by on his way home to pick them up. He came home and told me the doctor had denied my prescription. WHAT!?! Number one, I've been taking this particular pain killer for over a year. You do not just stop taking it. Not unless you want some major withdrawal issues. Number two, I discussed this with the doctor when I switched care and he said he had no problem prescribing them for me, as I only take 2-3 per day. I called the pharmacy to ask what the doctor said and all they could tell me was the doctor doesn't do refills. What kind of stupid excuse was that? Of course the doctor does refills. Idiots. Of course it was after 5, so there was no one at the office and my doctor wasn't on call last night. I know usually doctors won't prescribe narcotics refills for people who aren't their patients, so here I sit at 5:30 p.m. with 1 pain pill left to last me all night. Ha ha! Steve called mom and she had some left over from a tooth she had a root canal on - in 2005. That went into the trash. I worked 6 hours and then went to bed. Steve brought the pills home tonight. Hooray. It's a lot easier to work when your hands feels like their connected to your body.

My brother got me thinking about dentists this afternoon. We had some doozies when we were growing up. I remember one dentist we had who assured me I didn't need any kind of anesthesia for a root canal. Oh yeah. I walked him from his office, about 2-1/2 miles, and cried every step of the way. I hated that guy. I hated most of the dentists we had growing up, I don't think we ever really had a good one. When I married Steve my teeth were a mess - putting it mildly. I knew I had to get some work done, but I was terrified of going, but Steve introduced me to his dentist and I'll never go to another one - he is the best! I still have panic attacks when I have to go, but I think that's conditioning, because he's really a good dentist and has never hurt me at all. If anything, he's give me so much novocain that I'm numb longer than normal! I don't know what I'm going to do when he retires!



Anonymous said...

yeah, I don't know about this whole global warming thing since I think we hit our average high temp. just once this month!

That's my thought!


Mindi said...

No kidding. I think Al Gore is barking up the wrong tree.