Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A couple of random thoughts

The lunar eclipse was tonight - beautiful. It was too cold to stand outside and stare at the moon, but I did go out for about - oh 30 seconds, with a pair of binouclars to see it. The star to the left of the moon was Saturn, it was very bright too. It's kind of neat to watch when natural phenomenon like an eclipse occur. It tends to remind me that there's someone bigger running the whole show, you know what I mean?

I mentioned in an earlier post todat about how school was closed because of the cold. What I can't figure out is why day care centers were closed today. I remember scrambling to find babysitters when school was out, I would have really been in a mess if I had had to find babysitters if day care had closed for bad weather. I lot of people actually work in industries that don't shut down for cold weather and they still need child care. Duh. They interviewed one day care provider on the 6 o'clock news tonight. She said the extra day gives her time to clean and get caught up on paperwork. What the heck? That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. She said she closed down because she picks up some of the children in her day care and she was worried her car would break down in the cold. Well then, you bundle the kid up and walk them to the nearest home or business and call a tow truck or a taxi. Don't you have a cell phone for emergencies? Personally, I'd be mad as heck if my day care closed just because school was closed. That's pretty lame. I guess I was just blessed when my kids were younger to have good reliable day care facilities.

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