Saturday, January 26, 2008

Purging again

I finally decided to get rid of all my cake decorating stuff. I went through my closet today and dug all the stuff out and posted it on Craigslist. Unfortunately, I think the listing might be too large, but hopefully if people want the stuff they'll read it through. I can only try, right? I was amazed at all the stuff I had - holy buckets! If I get half of what I spent, I'll be happy. It feels good to have that cleaned out.

I went out and bought another heater yesterday for the office, one of the oil filled things that look like a radiator - it really worked nice, once the oil got heated up. However, I decided to move my office into the little bedroom and use the bigger room that I have been using as an office for the craft/genealogy room. The other room is smaller and a little warmer for some unknown reason, so I think it work better for an office. I have so much scrapbooking stuff and files for genealogy that the bigger room should work better for that. I even went to Home Depot and got some paint to redo the new office. It's gray now - how depressing... So I got a nice cheery yellow to brighten the room up a little. I'm looking forward to working on that tomorrow and maybe getting all the painting done - except for maybe the closet - that's not a priority. For now at least.

I got the book my therapist recommended when I was out today. It's called "Eat, Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. It might be good. Then I treated myself with a new Ann Rule book, I love her stuff too. It's in the blood, I guess...

We also got a nightstand for the bedroom. Of course it doesn't match the bedroom set, but who cares? I've been using one of those cheap little tables with 3 legs, but it's pretty unsteady and if we're going to put Toby in our room when we're gone, I don't want a table crashing down on him. He used to have the run of the house when he could see, but now I'm afraid he'll get tangled in cords or stuck somewhere he can't find his way out of, so we're going to start putting him in our bedroom. Steve has to put that together for me, I think I'd be a danger with a power drill! Ha ha!


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