Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter's comin'

I think I'm about done with my Christmas shopping. I went out for a bit today and got some little things. We're having a Christmas lunch at work on Friday with a gift exchange. We have a $10 limit on the gift, ha ha. Try to buy something for less than 10 bucks! I think I managed, though it might be a little over. You can't even buy a calendar for 10 dollars! I also drew the name of one of the residents of the nursing home that's attached to our hospital. There was no limit on that. I got the name of a lady who's pretty well gone mentally, but that's okay. I got her a lap robe to keep her legs warm in her wheelchair, some body lotion, and a soft fluffy stuffed animal. I thought that might be nice for her to have something soft to hold on to. It's hard to buy gifts when you don't know the person you're buying for, at least for me it is. I'm not the kind of person who just grabs stuff willy nilly just so I can say I got so and so a present, I try to find something that reminds me of the recipient, or something I know they'll like. Makes shopping a little more challenging, but hopefully everyone likes what I get!

Mom got the results of her cardiac tests today, they show some ischemia in her heart, so she's waiting to hear back from the doctor on how they want to treat it. I guess there are some drugs that can be used, but the most common treatment is with stenting or angioplasty. I don't know how large of an area they're talking about, so we'll have to wait and see what the doctor says. Hopefully it's something that can be easily taken care of and she'll be back to feeling like her old self. I'm just glad she caught it before she had an MI or something.

Tomorrow Mel and I are going to take dad to the doctor. Just making sure everything is okay. It's kind of hard to watch your parents get old. Heck, it's hard to watch ME get old! Steve and I are both pretty lucky really, his mom and Bob are both pretty healthy, and my dad is relatively healthy, aside from his diabetes. I have to admit he gave me a scare this past summer when he had his anxiety problems, but I was really relieved to find out his heart is okay.

Augh! I just lost a whole paragraph! This darn keyboard!

Anyway, I was saying that we're supposed to have 3-5" of snow on Thursday. I'm glad because maybe we'll have a white Christmas, but I wish it wasn't the day before I have to drive to the hospital for the Christmas lunch. I'm grateful it's only a little snow though, compared to what Oregon and Washington are getting, a couple inches of snow is no big deal. How sad to be flooded out of your home - especially during the holiday season. Myheart goes out to those people. I read that some of the flooding is especially bad near Chehalis and Centralia, Washington. I spent a couple weeks there for 2 summers in a row when I was in high school - beautiful country! My great-uncle and aunt lived out there at the time so my grandmother took me out in 1973 and then she took Missy and I out in 1974. Wow! I didn't realize how long it had been until I wrote that. I better grab my cup of hot milk and toddle off to bed now... The bones are a creakin'... LOL!

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