Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Day After

I have to say, I think my anxiety level is a little bit high today. Imagine that! Other than that, I think life is pretty much back to normal for me at least. I had a really hard time sleeping last night though, all kind of stupid things just kept running through my head. My biggest thought was that I just wish my kids were little again. I want to protect them from the boogy monster I guess. I suppose if they had shown up last night I would have made them both sleep with me again like they were younger! LOL! Family bed! Seriously, I feel like that whenever some sort of crisis arises in the world, I just want my family all together and safe, and that always makes me wish they were little and I could just call them in from the yard or the other room and know there were safe beside me. Talk about a mother hen! I bet my mom never had such nurturing feelings, she was too busy wanting to get rid of all of us. Too bad, it would be nice to feel protected and safe again. Maybe it's not so much protected and safe as it is feeling innocent. Not believing bad things happen if you're good and you can always run to your dad for protection. Oh well, no sense in ruminating over that any longer!

Mom has to have a cardiac cath next week on Tuesday. I can't remember if I mentioned that she had had a cardiac stress test a couple weeks ago and it showed some ischemia, so they're going to do the cath and see if they can't fix her up with an angioplasty or a stent. I hope they can!

I took my dad to the doctor yesterday and we got his medications adjusted a little. His blood pressure is looking really good, so they decreased his BP medication and cut his medication to help him sleep too. The antidepressant seems to have done him a world of good. Yay! He's going to call the VA and have an MRI of his left knee. This doctor seems to think it might be a cruciate ligament tear or something that's causing him so many problems. Hopefully, we can get that taken care of and he won't have to worry about falling down or being so unsteady on his feet. His vertigo might be from a combination of low blood pressure and low sodium, since the blood pressure medicine he was on was a diuretic, so they did blood work to see how his sodium was and they'll take that from there. I think maybe decreasing the medication will help with that. Whew! I feel a lot better after that. I really like dad's doctor, Dr. Mantz, too. He's very much aware of what's going on with my dad's health and that made me feel a lot better. That's one thing I can rest easy about!

We had about 3 inches of snow today and we're due for more on Saturday - maybe we'll have a white Christmas this year. With my luck we have a week of 60 degree temperatures before then! Matt and Marissa (and maybe Meg, if I can get in touch with her) are coming over to decorate the tree tomorrow. I haven't got one Christmas decoration unpacked yet this year. I don't feel like I have the energy to do it - and the cleaning that's involved with packing the regular day-to-day stuff away. I'm off tomorrow, but we have a meeting and Christmas get together at work tomorrow, so I don't get to sleep in and be sluggish. Thank goodness I'm off for the weekend. I've worked without a day off since last Monday and I'm getting tired!

I got all the Christmas presents wrapped that we have so far. Yippee! I hate wrapping presents. I love to make them look all pretty and I love the way they look under the tree, but the actual wrapping is a pain in the rear IMHO. I should just do them as I buy them, which was my intention this year, but then I didn't have any wrapping paper, so that didn't work as I planned. I'm going to try and remember next year to buy all my wrapping paper from Current. I love their paper! It's thick and easy to cut, and it doesn't tear while you're wrapping. I love it! Well, I still have work to do tonight, so...

God Bless Us, every one!

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