Friday, November 23, 2007

This and that...

This has felt like Sunday all day to me. How depressing to know it's only Friday! Meg was here last night and I was telling her about my stupid computer and how the cursor would take off on it's own. She called Gateway and downloaded some updates, and so far so good, I haven't had any problems yet.

Well, that was a curse, as soon as I typed that sentence the cursor jumped up to the title line. Ugh. I have my receipt from Best Buy, but I bought the darn thing on November 2, and you only have 15 days to return electronics. Then, I looked a little closer at the receipt and if you bought something between Nov 1 and Dec 24, you have 30 days to take it back. Guess what's going back tomorrow? Even if I only get a credit and have to save more to get a more expensive computer I guess it'll be worth it. This drives me nuts!

I took some pictures of my Christmas cactus that Steve's aunt gave me last year. I counted today, it has over 30 buds! It's so funny that I have pretty good luck with plants - I don't even really like them! I had a friend in high school who really liked plants, and had several in her room, she couldn't believe that I didn't like to grow things. The thing is, I always had a black thumb, no matter how healthy or big a plant was when I got it, it died within days (or hours) of me getting it. I told Dodie that but I guess she didn't believe me because she bought me a terrarium for my birthday - remember those? They were everywhere in the mid-70s, all those tiny little plants in a glass jar or container that you never even had to water. Dodie was so proud of herself that she got me a plant I couldn't kill. Yeah. I had it about 3 days before I knocked it off my dresser. Plants, dirt, rocks and glass were everywhere! So much for that! Then several years ago one of my visiting teachers got me an African violet for my birthday. I thought the thing would be dead by morning, but here it is 3-1/2 years later and it's thriving! I even went out and bought 4 others, so now I have 5 that have different kinds of flowers, a purple, white, lavender, purple and white stripe and one other one that has really fuzzy leaves. I have to admit the fuzzy leaf one isn't doing quite as well as the others, but I'm trying. Then I got the Christmas cactus last year and it's thriving too! I can't believe it!

Yesterday while we were at the SIL's house for dinner, Steve was talking to her husband, Smitty about his birthday. Smitty's birthday is next week - he loves to tease Steve about being an old man since Steve is 6 months older... Anyway, they were talking about his upcoming birthday and Smitty mentioned he'd have to get his driver's license renewed this year. Uh oh... Steve got out his billfold and checked his license. Um hm... It expired in June! This is the same guy that got a ticket last summer because he forgot to get his new plates the year before. He'd been driving his truck with expired plates for almost a year! How come when I forget my plates I get stopped within a week? lol! The DMV was closed today, but guess what Steve's going to be doing over his lunch hour next Monday? Heh!

We've been watching the Garth Brooks concert from KC on GAC tonight. Wow! Did I ever mention how much I love Garth's music? I'm so glad he's decided to record again. I have to say that guy hasn't lost anything with all his years in music - he's still one of my favorite entertainers! I love his new song, "More Than a Memory". Sigh. I wish I could have gone to one of the KC concerts. He's the best!

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