Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Snow, snow, snow

We're having our first snow of the season! We were only supposed to get flurries, but it's been flurrying now for quite a while. Not a lot of accumulation, since the ground is so warm (it was 75 on Monday!), but enough that everyone has forgotten how to drive. Just going to the doctor today, about 3 miles away, I saw 2 accidents and heard about a 10-car pile up on Dodge Street, which is highway 6, and runs through the middle of town. People drive like idiots around here and they forget from one year to the next that you can't stop on a dime on a snow covered overpass that's slicker than snot on a doorknob. Oh well. I'm home and having a good time watching it come down.

I have to have a Holter monitor to check my heart for 24 hours. Whoopee. Of course tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the doctor's office is closed on Friday and then for the weekend, I take it back on Monday, and then it takes them 24 hours to get the results. So, in 6 days I'll figure out of this is anxiety or my heart. (It's anxiety.) In the meantime, I'm supposed to go to the ER if it happens again. Brother. Well, at least she didn't just look at me and tell me I'm nuts and send me home!

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