Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Calling it an early night.

I still can't type on this #$%^$& thing, but I think I'm getting a little better. Darn it all...

The hospital is doing some darn thing, so we had to quit working at 10:00 tonight. What a shame. And I was just getting started! lol! Hopefully, everything will be up and running tomorrow like it should. Hopefully, I said...

I posted a lot of my pictures from Cleveland, A Christmas Story house, and Amber's baby showed on my Picasa web page. I was too lazy to do Flickr... (I know, I know...) Anyway, check them out at They're not spectacular photo masterpieces, just a bunch of people having fun!

I got a couple books at about epitaphs and graves from the early American times until now. Very interesting. Way back when they used to practically put a person's life story on their gravestone, made for some interesting reading. I like some of the funny ones though. I found an epitaph for my headstone "The shell is here, but the nut is gone". I think that's just perfect! ROFL I'll have to find the links to some crazy markers I saw on Find A Grave, one is obviously a Scrabble lover, that one was really cool... Okay, that's it. I've backspaced and moved the cursor for the last time tonight. I'm going to bed.

I read on my brother Marc's blog that he's down with a pretty nasty cold - Wishing him lots of warm get well vibes! Take care of yourself and don't try to go to SF tomorrow. They'll be fine without you. Think of all the ticked of people who'll be after your hide after having to ride in an airplane with you hacking up a lung! Don't' do it! Take care of yourself!

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