Sunday, November 4, 2007

Busy Week!

Well, I just sent my post off somewhere, so I'll start again! The week went by pretty quickly - I spent most of it working alone, as usual, but it wasn't so bad. Cindy was on vacation, but luckily the work load was pretty low. Until Friday when we got hammered. I feel sorry for Amanda being stuck with all the stuff from yesterday over the weekend, but maybe I can get a couple hours in tomorrow.

Today was a pretty busy day - Toby had to get his toenails cut, which requires a trip to the vet for him. He has to be muzzled to have his nails done, he only has 2 good legs and he's going to make sure nobody messes with them! lol Steve took him while I stayed home and got ready to go shopping. CJ Banks was having a 40% off every regularly priced item in the store sale. Yahoo! I love CJ Banks and Christmas is coming! See where this is going? Anyway, Steve and I went out to Westroads and we got some clothes for me and mom's Christmas present too. The whole thing was over $265, but with the discount, he only paid about $153. Gotta love sales.

We then trekked out to Williams and Sonoma for mulling spices. They only sell them around this time or year, and I love mulled cider (minus the wine of course). I also just simmer some spice when we're going to have company. Makes the house smell nice and it doesn't bother my reactive airway disease like a candle does. Yummy.

While we were out at Regency Court we went to Borsheim's. Whew - what a place! I looked at this little dachshund statue they had there - it was about 2 inches long and about 1/2 inch high - yeah, $310. Little rich for my blood! We also went to Pottery Barn - I didn't even know we had one here. Of course I never go to Regency - rich people shop there, not me! I doubt if I'll be back there any time soon.

Tonight Meg had a signing concert (no, that wasn't a typo) at school. We went to that with mom and Bob, it was surprisingly good! I don't know what I expected, but we had fun. I usually hate crowds, but this wasn't too bad. Mel, Dan, the twins and dad went too, so Meg had a good fan section! She was good. A lot of signing is in the facial expression and body language, she was a born ham, so she's good at that! It really was fun.

After the concert we went to Pizza King for dinner. We hadn't eaten beforehand and I was getting a little hungry. Steve had the king crab legs -- holy cow! They were huge! I've never seen such huge crab legs. All I usually see are little snow crab legs, but there were Alaskan King Crab - There must have been 2 pounds of crab meat on those legs. I was shocked that Steve ordered something off the menu when the price was "market price"! Turns out his crab dinner was about $40, but he says it was worth every penny. I'm too much of a Nebraska girl, give me my beef. I remember one time being in one time being in Seattle with my great uncle and going to the wharf for lunch. Nothing on the menu but seafood. Nothing. So I ordered a shrimp crab Louis salad. Oh, ick. I ate everything around the shrimp and crab and left all the seafood in the bottom of the bowl. I supposed the waiter was shocked, but I can't abide seafood! BTW, I had a chicken fried steak that was wonderful. I've never had one so tender. And huge. I brought half of it home for sometime later.

Tomorrow mom has tickets for a smorgasbord at the Swedish Hall, so that's probably all we'll eat tomorrow. I love being Swedish at Christmas - but don't pass me the pickled herring!

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year -- an extra hour of sleep! Hooray!

Oh, and my big news for the weekend? I broke down and bought a laptop. Not exactly what I wanted, but what I could afford. It's a Gateway (boo, hiss), and I paid to have an extra GB of RAM put in. All I wanted it for was my genealogy records and then I get it and find out my Family Tree Maker isn't compatible with Vista and I can't download PAF from either. But I think hat's their problem, because I can't get it on my home computer either. Ack. I'll have to see what I can find out on Monday about FTM, hopefully there's some way I can get it to work. I don't have a copy of XP or 2000. I'm thinking I'm not liking Vista already... Ah well, off to enjoy my extra hour of sleep!

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Meg: said...

Yay for good sales!!

Boo for Vista!!

Seafood is something I won't let my husband even bring into the house. I can't stand the sight, the smell, or even the thought of it. I did compromise and buy him a grill one year - told him he could buy it, grill it outside, and eat it outside. I can live with that. LOL

I just can't fathom why on earth the first seafood-eaters ever thought of putting something that disgusting into their mouths. It would be like eating...eating...hell, I don't know. Cockroaches? Something like that.

Anyway, I do let the cats have canned fish cat food. If it doesn't get heated up, it doesn't smell that bad. And recently I let Tai bring canned tuna into the house. But he can't fix it unless it's at the beginning of one of my 18 hour shifts at work.

He loves me. I can tell, cuz seafood is one of his favorite foods.