Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bad day/good day

This computer seems bound and determined to eat my posts. The day sucked going to the doctor. He still doesn't know what I have. It's stilled mixed undifferentiated type of an autoimmune disease. I'm glad it's not MS, or MG, or Scleroderma, but at the same time I want to know! I want a for real diagosis that people can treat! I did get new drug, Lyrica, which I did not want. I"m intolerant of Plaquenil, so this may be the only other thing I can try for pain. Although I told Steve after I took it tonight at bedtime and I was afraid because it felt like my nose and throat were swelling. He went to bed. "Oh, I'm just closing my eyes". Right. I could die in my sleep and he wouldn't even know. Thanks honey. You're my hero. I love being married. I should have stayed single.

Then I g

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