Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I went to the dentist today. Yeah. Ouch. I hate going to the dentist. I can't say that I hate my dentist, he's actually the only person that I trust with my teeth and mouth. I had some pretty bad experiences when I was younger with dentists, so it took me a long time to be able to trust this guy, but he's been my dentist for 21 years, so he's okay. But I still hate to go to the dentist. I'd rather see him on social occasions! lol! My fear of dentists is so bad that when my kids were younger, he told me not to bring them in for appointments - to have Steve do it, because I got to nervous going to his office. Now, that's bad... Anyway, along with all my other lumps that I've found and had removed this year, I have a little bump on the inside of the corner of my mouth. It's been there for a while, but at one time I felt like I was getting a cold sore on that corner of my mouth and it got pretty swollen and I bit it quite a few times. (Oh yes, that did hurt!) Anyway, we had this head and neck cancer guy come and speak to our MT group a few weeks ago and he was talking about oral cancers, so I decided I better go in for my check up and have my dentist take a look at it.

As long as I was making the appointment anyway, I figured I might as well schedule my cleaning, which I hadn't had done this year. (Did I mention I hate going to the dentist?) So I went today and had my teeth cleaned. I'd like to say they're all shiny and pearly white, but alas, I have hideous yellow teeth, so I can't lie. However, they are nice and shiny. The dental hygienist was a pro too - I'm going to ask for her next time. It didn't hurt at all. Until about 2 hours ago. Now my entire mouth is throbbing and I think I've pretty much decided to have soup for dinner. Chewing is a little painful.

The checkup was good though. I floss - a lot - it's a nervous habit when I work. I have some floss sticks in my desk and when I'm looking up a word or whatever I'll grab one and floss. Hey, I work alone at home, I can do that! I don't suggest it if you work in an office. Gross. Anyway, the gums were good, the teeth were good, except for one filling that's coming loose and has to be replaced. Not too shabby. I have to call an oral surgeon about the bump, although Dr. T is pretty sure it's just a fibroma, but he think it needs to be taken care of. I guess I can handle that.

In the meantime, grab a cup of soup and join me for dinner!

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Meg: said...

Soup just because of a cleaning?! Why on earth would a cleaning hurt? I don't get it!