Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain, rain, go AWAY!!!

The cooler weather is nice, but the rain is getting to be a bit much. It's going to take forever for the leaves to dry enough to rake. By that time there will be twice as many too. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice and sunny. And cool!

I forgot the to take my car in today for the exorcism, um, I mean, the checkup. We had to have a new garage door opener installed on my side of the garage today. The guy called yesterday and said he'd be here between 10 and 11. Okay, I can drag myself out of bed by then. I talked to my dad later yesterday and he told me the new Costco was opening today. I really wanted to go, so he said I could go with him since he already has a membership - I was really looking forward to that too. I thought he was going about 11 or so. Oh no, he called me this morning at 7 freaking 30 to tell me he's getting ready to go. Oh no. We have to do a blitz at the hospital once a year, just generally a test over the mission statement, policies, procedures, etc. I was up until 2 last night doing the blitz, so I wasn't going to get up at 7:30, even to go to Costco.

Today was garbage day, so after Steve went to work at 8, the stupid dogs (mostly Toby) felt it his duty to alert the neighborhood that some maniacs were stealing garbage. The only problem is he had to do it from the living room. I just got him to shut up about 9 when the garage door opener installer called to say he was running early and would be here in 15 minutes. Oh hell. So much for sleeping in. I did get a really cool new garage door opener out of the deal though. My old remote died last week and a new battery wouldn't revive it, so I had to go buy a new one. But our opener was so old, the new one didn't work with it. Hence, the new set up. I love it! I even finally moved into the 21st century by getting a keyless entry for the garage! I feel like I rich person now! ha ha ha ha....

When he was done I went out and got a haircut and my brows waxed (ouch). I have an MT conference to go to this weekend and my bangs were past my nose - again. I swear, I wish the rest of my hair grew as fast as my bangs. Although now suddenly I think my gray roots are showing pretty bad, so I'll have to color my hair again pretty soon. If it's not one darn thing, it's 10 others.

Mitt Romney is going to be speaking at the Council Bluffs library tomorrow and I'm thinking about going. I'm not sure where the library is. I e-mailed Meg about it and she told me it's in the basement. I guess she thought I meant the event itself, not the library. I hate driving in Counciltucky though. I can't find anything over there and the streets are just a nightmare. Avenues go one direction, streets go the other direction, but I can never remember which is which. Then they have the named streets... What a mess. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Marc said...

You are too frigging funny! First of all, Costco's are nice but its just a store. Ok, I know.. we have had them for years in California and I go there all the time. I guess you can get excited about it : ) As for the keyless entry, HELLO!! It is 2007!! They are as common here as Palm Trees. In fact, if I don't drive somewhere, I don't take my keys at all, I just use the keyless entry on the garage door when I come home.. Wonderful invention!

Welcome to 2007!

Meg: said...

I got a garage door opener for Valentine's Day this year. (It was what I asked for.) It's fabulous.

We have a big old double garage with a single door. It was almost impossible for me to get the thing open...and the kids simply couldn't open it when they wanted to get their bikes, a ball, or skates out.

I love it.

Unfortunately, when we got rid of the dead van, we forgot to get the remote out of it. Ah well. We still have the remote in the other car, and we've got the remote in the house. It'll have to do.