Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's my weekend, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...

Whew! I took tomorrow off, because I'm so frustrated this week I could scream. I have a 3-day weekend anyway, due to working Sunday, so I just added an extra day to make a glorious 4 days off! I don't really have any plans either, other than to totally ignore the fact that I have a job and just enjoy not working.

I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow I'll go down to the main branch of the library and do some genealogy work. There are quite a few books and resources that I can make use of, but haven't, so I'll see what I can dig up. (No pun intended.) I usually hate to go downtown, I hate the drive, I hate the parking, I hate downtown, so I've been putting off going down there for some time. I think it's time to just bite the bullett and go. I also still need to go to Blair and do some look ups at their library for someone from RAOGK, so maybe I'll do that on Saturday.

Steve is leaving on Saturday to go do some kind of hunting in Wisconsin. Hallelujah! I'm so ticked off at him right now, he could leave tomorrow and I wouldn't really care. My back has been absolutely killing me for about the last 3 weeks. I have no idea what's going on, but it's way worse than my usual back pain, even with Flexeril and pain meds. I've only told him this about, oh, 10 million times. He doesn't hear anything I say.

You know that Far Side cartoon - what a cat hears? There's this lady talking to her cat and all you see is the empty dialogue balloon? Yeah, I think that's how Steve is. Nothing registers unless it has to do with amateur radio or hunting. So, therefore, I say nothing. Rather, he hears nothing. I went back to my regular working hours last week (3:30 to midnight). He came home tonight at 6 and made a comment about me just starting to work. Hello? I've been working for nearly 3 hours! He hadn't noticed. To top it all off, I'm really having a hard time unstacking the dishwasher, especially picking something up when I'm bent over is really painful. So unstacking the darn thing really hurts. I've told him that, really. I've said "It really bothers my back to unstack the dishwasher". I thought that was pretty straightforward and simple to understand. Apparently not. Do you know how many times he's unstacked and/or stacked the dishwasher since I told him by back hurt? twice. Two freaking times in a month! I know what he thinks. I'm home all day, leave it for me. Maybe he thinks we have a little elf that runs around all night picking up after him. I totally lost my temper tonight. Why the dishwasher isn't full of shards of broken dishes I'll never know.

I think I was so mad because tonight he had to go to the parts store to get a jack for my car. (Yes, it did come with one. No, I don't know where it is. But, he's taking my car to Wisconsin, so he finally bought one.) He asked me what I wanted for him to bring home for dinner. I said, and I quote, "A Burger King cheeseburger. Not a Whopper, just a cheeseburger". Does that sound difficult to you? What did he bring home? A Whopper Junior. I did not want a Whopper or Whopper Junior. I didn't want the mayo or the tomato, or the lettuce. I just wanted a freaking cheeseburger. I guess my English wasn't clear enough for him.

So I said, "I specifically said I didn't want a Whopper". To which he replied, "It's a Whopper Junior, it's not a Whopper". What?!?!? Then I said, "All I wanted was a cheeseburger". And he said, I will quote this because it's so stupid even I can't believe he said it, "If you look at the menu at Burger King they don't have just regular cheeseburgers". What the bloody hell!?

Yes, Steve, it may come as a total shock to you, but BK does, in fact, have cheeseburgers. Just because they may not have a cheeseburger value meal (and I really don't know if they do or not), it doesn't mean they don't have them. (Remember the old jingle? Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us, all we ask is that you let us serve us your way...) On top of everything else that has gone on in the past 2 days I was ready to wring his bloody neck at this point. So, I took off all the stuff I didn't want in the first place and just ate a cheeseburger. Argh.

Then, after dinner he let the dogs out and when he let them back in, he neglected to but the belly bands back on the boys. We have 4 male dogs. Do I have to really spell out the fact that neutered or not there is marking that goes on in this house? (Which by the way you have to bend OVER to clean up!) Toby, being paralyzed, always has a belly band on, but the rest of the boys wear one also to keep me from having to mop the floor every 20 minutes. Well, of course, with no belly bands on, someone peed on his box of camping stuff he had brought up from the basement and left sitting on the kitchen floor. Then he has the gall to complain about having to clean it up! Well, honey, if you had put the belly bands back on the dogs when you let them in... I'm so ready for him to go. So ready...

I'm thinking maybe I'm the type of person who should never be married. People annoy me. Even people I'm married to annoy me. Especially people I'm married to annoy me. I've been dealing with this for 20 years, you would think it wouldn't bother any more. It does.

The only time he acts like he gives a rat's patoot is if he thinks I'm dying, and then I think it's just the relief that he might be rid of me that makes him so generous. Seriously. A couple years ago I had a little bit of a scare over some health issues, and he was so nice... He was ready to do anything I wanted. Stupid me. I should have taken advantage of that. He offered to send me on trips to see people I hadn't seen in awhile, took me out to dinner (not fast food, real dinner), actually was kind and considerate. Believe me, as soon as the doctor figured out what I had going on wasn't fatal the Steve I know came back. He won't even buy me a newspaper on Sunday if I don't give him the money it. Hmmmm. Can I have some cheese with this whine?

On to more pleasant topics... The rescue where we got the last three pups is having Wiener Dog races during part of their Oktoberfest. I wish I could go watch, I'd even enter Ben, but it's next weekend and I have to have surgery next Friday. No big deal, but I don't think I'm going to feel up to a 7 hour drive down there, staying for the races and then driving back home. I love wiener dog races! They have them in Grand Island every year too, and we've gone to them once. Those little wienies can sure run when they put their mind to it! One of the girls in our DA (dachshund anonymous) group took her dog down there this year. She came in dead last, but she said she had fun. I think Ben would be so great at races. He loves to run and he's fast! I had to work this year when the GI races were going on. Maybe next year. I hope Ben is still up to it, he'll be 12 next summer. Pretty old for racing, unless they have a geriatric class to enter him in!

Speaking of the dogs... They have been going nuts over the woodpile lately. Steve took down a huge tree this summer and the logs are huge. He's going to have to rent a log splitter to make them a more manageable size if he wants to burn them. Anyway, when he threw them off the truck they just fell in a kind of helter skelter fashion in a heap, and for the past week the dogs have been going nuts out there every time I let them outside. Steve went down and moved the logs around and didn't see anything, but something has their curiosity piqued and they're not going to let it go. Whatever it is, I just hope it's not rabid. They've had their shots, but still, I don't need them fighting with some wild thing when I'm the only one home to go break up the fight!

Last year we had a dead rat in our yard. I'm sure it was because the old neighbors had a jungle in the backyard and they never threw anything away. Junk was heaped up everywhere in the back yard, and in and around their house. I haven't seen any more, but if that's what it is... shudder. Uck! Ruger was just going ape this afternoon, so I went out and tried to move the logs he was trying to get in between, but I couldn't budge them. I hope none of them get stuck in there either!

I spent about 2 hours last night editing my pictures from the Flickr walk last Saturday, but when I went to download them to Flickr, the edited pictures were no where to be found. I know where I saved them and they're not there. I hate that computer. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. There, I feel better now! I also have to get in touch with CBG and figure out exactly how she wants them loaded. I'm still kind of Flickr illiterate and can't figure it out. Oh well. Live and learn.

Okay, now that I'm done spewing forth my frustration with my husband maybe I can go get some fun stuff done, like do a crossword or read a little! Anything will be fun with a little more hydrocodone! Just kidding....


Anonymous said...

You absolutely crack me up sista! You must really be having a bad night. You should have called me. You know how we can always get each other laughing. I think we could both use a really good laugh. I'm going to go over to Candace's tomorrow afternoon around 3ish to see her and Ryan while she paints a bedroom. Do you want to go too? Let me know.

Marc said...

wow.. that was one hell of a posting.. looks like someone is taking posting lessons from her brother : )