Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Catching up, part deux...

As I was saying... I got to watch Ryan today. He's so cute. I think he looks more like his mommy now, but every once in awhile you catch something in his face that looks like Tony. It was a fun, I'm glad I could do it.

Good to talk to my (big) little brother. We went for so long without talking that even an everyday chat about nothing is fun. I wish I could take a trip out to San Diego to see him, but I know I don't have the energy to keep up with him! That guy is on the go constantly. I'm the slug in the family, I admit it freely. My idea of a good time is to curl up with a good book or a crossword puzzle. Being married has pretty much taken care of my friends (you can read that anyway you want to...) My idea of a big afternoon is going to work for a meeting where we have lunch! lol

I tried to talk Steve into a 7th dog tonight. No such luck. I was thinking that Toby is so young, he's only about 2 or 3, and none of the other dogs will play with him becuase they're so old, that he needed a younger dog to play with. I have just the dog in mine, he's in a rescue in Missouri recovering from a broken leg, but Steve said if we don't stop now we'll end up being the "dog people" that the humane society raids and takes 8000 dogs from our house becuase we're trying to save them all. I don't agree. After all, 7 in the Bible means completeness. lol! I get a kick out of him when he complains about how much work they are. I'm the one whose home with them 24/7, and when he's home from work he goes downstairs and puts the gate across the stairs so they don't bother him! What a whiner. Anyway, no playmate for Toby. I guess it's a good thing we couldn't have kids!

Now, I seriously have to kick some butt and get some work done. I've been too involved in family stuff tonight - doesn't that sounds nice? It does to me. Have a good week, month, whatever, until I manage to check back in!

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Meg: said...

Gotta say...I think I agree with the hubby on this one. Seven is a bit much! Even if he's NOT the one doing the work. LOL