Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The neighbors are driving me INSANE!

Maybe this is just because I haven't felt the best, but these neighbors, who are relatively new, are driving me up the wall. They listen to their music constantly and while I can't hear the music I can feel the vibration from the bass. You know how it is when someone drive their souped up too loud stereo-outfitted car down the street? You can hear them coming for 3-4 blocks. Yeah, this is just like that. Only it never goes away! This morning they started about 9 o'clock. Grrrrrrr.

The man of the house is a truck driver. When I met him earlier this summer he said he was an over the road trucker and was hardly ever home. Hmph. Well, when he is home he's fixing his friends' cars and motorcycles. So the noise of constantly revving engines is all we hear. One guy comes over about 5-6 times a week with a motorcycle. They rev that thing until it sounds like someone screaming. Seriously. And then they do it again, and again, and again.... You get the picture.

And of course our bedroom is at the end of the house closest to their house, so sleeping is difficult, and our house sits kind of at an angle, or maybe it's theirs that does... At any rate, their driveway isn't that far from my office either, so I can hardly hear the dictation I'm supposed to be working on. I'd love to just go over there about now and throttle whoever is home, but there's no law against listening to your radio, no matter how annoying you are. Ugh.

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East of Eden said...

Is there a noise ordinace, or a quite ordinance you can call your city to have enforced? If he's fixing cars and such, that also might be a violation of zoning laws for your neighborhood. Call your city offices and find out! THen sock it to him!