Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Big Bang

We had a little bit of excitement last night. Heh.

I was working a little later than usual. The slug had her surgery last week, so I'm the only one working from 6:30 on, so I've been getting some OT - isn't that a nice little bonus? Anyway, Steve had gone to sleep about 11 or so, so I shut the door in the office and opened the window a couple inches. We have those long crank out windows - about 4 feet tall or so. I never get to leave the windows open at night, Steve thinks someone will just cut the screen and walk in, probably he's right in this case, but what the heck, I was working not 2 feet from the window. In my jammies no less. If that's not enough to scare somebody off, I don't know what is.

I'm thinking it was bout 12:45 or so and I'm just really involved in this report I'm working on when BAM! There was this freaking HUGE noise. Even Jojo, whose deaf, started barking! Scared the living crap out of me. My first thought was the something fell off a wall or something. Steve's not much on hanging things on the walls though, so I couldn't figure out what it was. So chicken me went around and turned on all the outside lights to I could see what was going on outside. Nothing. Huh, I'm not so easily fooled. The house to our east has been broken into 3 times already this summer. I would have felt fairly confident saying someone had kicked their door in again. Since my house seemed okay, I called 911, just in case the neighbor was in trouble. Oh my, the next thing you know the police helicopter is going through our neighborhood, shining its beacon light all over the freaking place. In all the commotion Steve got up and I told him what had happened - there was huge bang, an explosion, but it sounded like something fell off the wall, or got knocked off the wall or something. he took his gun downstairs to check on the trusty basement (Hayl no, I wasn't going to go that far!) Pretty soon he yells upstairs that he figured out what it was... A bottle of extra fruit syrup added beer. Too much fermentation caused the Big Bang in our basement. In our food storage room no less. With a lot of canned goods and that fun stuff - which now needed to be cleaned free of sticky black cherry beer. Steve's been busy with that. I don't brew it, I don't drink it, and I'm not cleaning up after it. It was kind of funny watching him get ready to go downstairs to open the 2 remaining bottles. He had on a heavy canvas shirt, a barn coat, gloves, and he opened the bottles under a blanket! They made noise too, but not as impressive as the big bang. I felt rather like a fool to call 911 and report that my Big Boom was my husband's beer bottle. She just laughed. Sheesh. Note to Steve, if you add more sugar use thicker bottles. I about peed my pants!


wren said...

Mmmm! Tell him if he makes it again to save a bottle for me!

Marc said...

that was too funny! LOL