Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's time for the FAIR!

I love the Iowa State Fair. Absolutely love it. I think the only year we missed it was the year I broke my leg, but we're seriously thinking of not going this year. It's so hot that I'm wondering if I even want to make a 2-1/2 hour trek there only to poop out in a couple hours. Even the though of a pork chop on a stick isn't enough to fire up the enthusiasm! We're still debating, but my days off next week are Thursday and Friday and both days are supposed to be in the mid-90s. Ick and double ick. What in the world did people do before the advent of air conditioning?

Speaking of which, the Weather Channel had a survey on their website today that cracked me up. It was something like, "What do you think is the greatest weather-related invention?" And the choices were like, umbrella, rain coat, air conditioning, and thermometer. Well, duh... I remember when I was little and my grandma and I used to walk downtown from her house and we'd go to Kresge's to shop because it was so cool inside. They had a sign on the door "Air conditioned... Cool inside" with a picture of a penguin. Can you imagine having to advertise that you have air conditioning today? Ha!

President Faust passed away yesterday. He was only 87 - comparitively young compared to President Hinckley. I loved listening to Pres. Faust speak at conference, he had such a soothing voice, at least to me. I'm thankful for every day that President Hinckley is still with us.

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