Friday, August 10, 2007

The heat is ON and the saga of the missing wallet...

Okay, brother dear, I took the hint and here I am. It's hot, hot, hot. Officially at 6:59 p.m. the actual temperature is 90 degrees but the heat index is 103. That's nasty. What's even more nasty is we had some thunderstorms last night and our power was off from midnight until 11:30 this morning. In the winter we can throw some logs in the woodstove and stay in the basement and be nice and toasty, it's not quite as easy to stay cool! Even the dogs won't go outside - so much for the dog days of summer!

I had an interesting morning. The hospital were I work was having a surplus sale, so I decided to head up there early this morning (the sale started at 7, and you know the greedy guys are always early) and see what they had. I had asked dad yesterday if he wanted to go with me since he has a truck - just in case, and he agreed. Well, because of the lack of electricity this morning I couldn't get my car out of the garage. I couldn't even get the stupid thing unlocked from the opener - grrrr, so I called dad and asked him if he'd come pick me up. He agreed, and although it was already 6:30, I thought we'd get there before 7:30, which wasn't too bad. Wrong.

First we had to stop for gas, fine, fine, whatever, let's just GO! After we got the gas we got on the road and after debating on how best to get to Dodge Street we took off. We got to about 96th and Dodge Street when dad realized he didn't have his wallet. Since he used his credit card for gas he had taken the card out of his wallet and set it on the edge of the bed of the truck and when he was done he just stuck the credit card in his pocket and we took off. Soo..... we stopped and checked to see if maybe it had fallen in the bed of the truck. Of course it hadn't, that would require some luck, which my family is sadly lacking lately. Dad started driving back to the gas station and I got them on the phone to ask them to go check. No wallet to be found around the pumps and nobody had turned one in. What did I tell you about luck? We went back anyway just to make sure, and the clerk was right, no wallet.

Dad decided we'd go ahead and go so off we went (again). Let me tell you, my dad used to drive like a bat out of hell. Those days are long gone! ;-) His luck did change though as we approached Fremont when his wife called to tell him somebody had found his wallet! Hooray! She gave us the guy's number and I gave him a call. He said he had found the wallet in the intersection of 90th and Maple, a relatively busy intersection. He had stopped traffic, while he picked up all the stuff that had flown out of the wallet! That I would have liked to have seen - heh! Turns out dad knew the guy, he used to be a probation officer and dad knew him from the police department, although it had been years since they had seen each other and he didn't realize it was dad's wallet until we actually went to pick it up! All that was missing was one credit card - which I really don't think was too bad, considering he also has his police ID, driver's license and - get this - his social security card in the wallet! Obviously, he was a cop before the days of identity theft! Glad he got it back.

Oh the sale? It sucked. By the time we got there all the good stuff was either gone or had a sold sign on it. So much for MY luck!

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