Friday, August 24, 2007

Freaky Friday

Meg got a promotion! She's the new lead generator at the store. No, she doesn't make electricity! No more commission and no more plumbing, no more paint! Unless she wants to. She stopped by the house tonight because she thought we were in Lincoln and she was going to feed the dogs. Well, she did feed the dogs, only thing is, we didn't go to Lincoln and the dogs had just eaten. Of course, they didn't pass up another meal! Ha ha!

It's not really freaky Friday, I just thought it would be a good name for the post. Talked to an old friend on the phone today, that was nice. We haven't talked in a long while, so I think the conversation was a little stilted, I'm sure it will get better though. I really feel old though, when I think of all that's gone on since we last talked. Whoo! Bring out the cane - better yet, the walker. Oh hell, I'm on a roll, make it a wheelchair...

Speaking of which I went to some garage sales with Mel today and then Steve decided to come along to some after I had to stop home (this was supposed to be a SISTER thing!). Anyway, we went to one garage sale where they did have a walker for sale. Just make a note of this, I tried to get him to buy it. I told him he really should probably get it. I've had surgery 4 times in 3 years and he's had to rent one or get one from somebody, you think he'd learn.... But no...... Just wait. I noticed tonight after I took a shower that where the hardware is still in my leg it's all red and it's really sore to touch. Do you think you can get an infection 4 years after the fact? I guess if it stays like this I'll be heading back to my favorite orthopod next week. Keep your fingers crossed, no more surgeries! Although our deductible is fully met this year, so it wouldn't cost anything... No, really. No more surgery. Besides, I'm too clumsy to have the hardware taken out. I'd have 12 holes in my tibia then, so it would be really, really weak I would think. I'd break it again and then what? No more surgery.

We had dinner with Matt tonight at the Crescent Moon. Nothing to write home about and our waitress was practically non-existent. No good. After dinner though the truth came out, we had dinner there so Steve could make a trip to Beertopia next door. I should have known something was up! Steve actually bought Matt a bottle of really good raspberry beer. You know, I don't drink, so I have no idea what makes beer worth $4 a bottle, but it must be something good. I would hope. It was a nice dinner actually. Matt probably would have rather been sitting at a table - he had to sit sideways in the booth to make enough room for his legs. I gave birth to a giant!

I got the new Family Tree Maker for 2008. It imported my PAF file just great, but my stupid Neanderthal man ex-husband comes up as the preferred spouse. I don't think so. As a matter of fact if he hadn't had a child together I'd like to forget that those 3 or 4 years or whatever never even happened. Ick. I've got to get that mess straightened out.

Well, back to FTM 2008 and see if I can make heads or tails of what I'm supposed to do. Have a good weekend.

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