Monday, August 20, 2007

Did we have a weekend?

Ha ha! Of course we did, I just spent it working!

We did go to the fair on Friday. The weather in Des Moines was gorgeous. It was sunny, no humidity (Thank GOD!), and about 83-85 degrees. It was a perfect fair day. Apparently everyone else thought so too, because it was really crowded by noon, but we had a fun time. I got sunburned - of course. I got a ballcap to keep my face from getting burned, but forgot the sunblock in the car, so the back of my neck and my arms got toasted, but they're pretty much back to normal. I don't think we even ate too much - which is quite an accomplishment, believe me! I could be Templeton the Rat from Charlotte's Web at the fair and eat everything in sight, but we didn't. I had a diet root beer, lemonade, a pork chop (yummy!), some apples with melted caramel, and a funnel cake on the way out. I split everything with Steve, except the pork chop, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

The rest of the weekend went by pretty quickly. As I mentioned before, I was working. I also stayed up late to work on adding some graves to I think I've got about 300 or so graves entered there. I just found out that Iowa has a site too, so I could add the information I have from Garner Township Cemetery to that. I've gotten several e-mails from people thanking me for the information, so it must be doing some good!

Well, I have dogs barking outside, so I better go rescue them from the heat. I heard it's only supposed to be 77 here later this week! Oh boy! I can't wait!

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