Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday in the Park - uh, cemetery...

Our day got off to a rushed start today. I had made an appointment to take Toby in to get his nails clipped because he absolutely refuses to let us touch his feet. I guess if you have 4, but only 2 work, you protect them! Anyway, the appointment was for 11:20, which I thought would give us plenty of time to get up and moving, Steve is always up before me. I kept waking up, but Steve was still sleeping, so I assumed it was pretty early. Finally we both managed to be awake at the same time so I asked him what time it was, since the clock is on his side of the bed - Holy Cow, it was 11 o'clock already! We flew out of bed, changed Toby's belly band, and off we flew to the vet's and made it exactly at 11:20. Luckily, the vet is a straight show down Maple Street! They ended up having to muzzle him to get his nails clipped, but I think he's getting around much easier now. We have almost all hardwood floors in the house and his nails were so long he was having trouble getting the traction to pull himself along.

After that, we decided to take a trip down to Lincoln. I had about 6 requests from people at RAOGK to take pictures of graves for them and I decided now was as good a time as any. At Lincoln Memorial Park the office staff was so friendly, giving up maps and directions to find the graves we needed. Steve's great-uncle and aunt are also buried there as well, and we didn't take pictures the last time we were there, so I got some family stuff done too.

Then we went to Wyuka. Oh... my... gosh! The cemetery office is closed on Saturday, which I think is kind of stupid. All their information is on their website, including a map (which I didn't print before we left - idiot), so I guess they don't feel the need to staff the place. I've taken a lot of pictures here before, so I wasn't all that worried about finding everything I was looking for. Only thing is I had a person I was looking for in section 3A. Do you think we could find freaking 3A? Oh no, we could not. And it was hotter than Hades out today (actually cooler than yesterday, but still...) It was humid too, with no breeze at all. At least it was cloudy, which probably helped. It did sprinkle on us, but nothing really amounting to anything. We never did find section 3A, either. Finally, when we got home I looked it up on the Wyuka map. Well, no wonder I couldn't find it! I'll take a trip down again soon and get this poor guy his information.

Before we went cemetery lurking, we stopped to look at some campers. I'd really like to get a motor home, but really, $83,000 is NOT in our budget now or any time in the foreseeable future! Steve found a pop up that he LOVED - and the price was right. I wouldn't be caught dead in the thing... I'm not a snob, really. This is a little too much for! (I have to admit, the price is right and it has a heater for those cool nights, but, um, no.)

We ended up not living Lincoln until about 6:30 and we were famished! We hadn't even eaten breakfast and Steve had grabbed a PBJ before we left, but that was it. We decided to stop at Legends Bar and Grill. Oh yum! I had the best cheeseburger I have ever eaten in a restaurant - it was great. I'll have to remember to go there next time in Lincoln. Hope I can find the place again! If you're in Lincoln and get a chance to eat there, you should. And the best thing is Lincoln has been smoke free longer than Omaha has, so the place didn't still reek of cigarette smoke. Which is probably why the food tasted so good...

Anyway, we made it back home safe and sound. I downloaded all the pictures, which takes forever since this &^$*# computer doesn't have a high speed port, but I finally got it all done and the photos sent off to everyone who had requested them.

I took a shower (first thing!) and played some Super Scrabble with Meg and now I'm about senseless from being so tired and being in the heat all day. It's not even midnight and I'm ready to call it a day, lazy thing!

Mel had her Boston Terrier Rescue cookout at her house today - I hope they had fun and it didn't rain here. I don't think it did. I should have taken my wieners over! LOL!

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