Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Second Day of Freedom, uh, I mean vacation

I spent a lot of time at the cemetery today. I first went over to Garner Township Cemetery in rural Council Bluffs. I was hoping my friend, Bill, had his headstone put on, but he hadn't. I took a lot of pictures for Find A Grave though, since I checked before and nothing had been done there. Now it'll take me weeks to get them all entered!

Then I went up to West Lawn/Hillcrest, where a lot of my family and Steve's family are buried. I don't think the upkeep there is as good as it once was. I know I've been pretty bad about going and actually taking care of the graves. I go and visit and leave flowers, but I never actually take care of the area around the stone. I did that today. Steve's great-grandparents and grandparents are going to have to have their stones reset before too long, I think. I actually had to dig the top of the stone out of the dirt, down about 1/2-inch in order to see the whole stone. That's can't be good. And his great-uncle and aunt... I don't know what's up with their stone, it's brass, but it sounds hollow underneath like maybe the dirt has washed out from under it? Kind of gave me the heebie jeebies... heh. Anyway, I got them all cleaned up and they look a lot nicer. I even did Steve's dad, although he probably wouldn't have done the same for me! LOL!

I had some other graves I wanted to find, but the guy that was working was kind of a jerk. He said he didn't have time to look up more than one or two. I could leave a list and they'd call me when they had time to look it up. Whatever. I'll go back another time. Maybe I'll e-mail them a list. I've been there before and the ladies I've talked with were very helpful and friendly.

Now, with any luck, I have time to catch a quick shower and get cleaned up before Steve gets home. Maybe I'll convince him to take me out to dinner.... Nah, we'll end up having hot dogs at home. I know my husband.

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