Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Genealogy revisited

I guess the post about Viking ancestors got me thinking about genealogy again, so I was off to Forest Lawn to get some pictures yesterday. It was a beautiful day for taking pictures. I had wanted to get some pictures of Bob's family plot, and we were talking about it the other night, so that got me going. I took a ton of pictures and then wound up in Lullaby Land looking for the grave of a baby from church. I never did find that grave, but I took a bunch of others that I'll add to Find A Grave for future reference.

I was doing our family stuff the other night on Find A Grave and I had just added my grandfather's brother who, fortunately, is buried here in Nebraska so I had a picture of the headstone, when much to my surprise it was already there! The headstone only has the year of birth and death for he and his wife, and since I had the exact dates I wanted to e-mail the person who had originally entered it with that information so they could update it, and I was shocked to find out it was my very own friend, Cherry Blossom Girl! I knew she did a lot of picture taking and entering information on Find A Grave, but I never imagined she would have done some of my own family! Of course Vossler has nothing to do with Erikson or Kurtz, so she didn't know, but what a coincidence. She's got it all updated for me. What a gal!

I took a picture yesterday of my ex's brother's grave. I feel so sorry for him. He died way back in 1973, but the family never mentions him. In the entire time I was associated with the family they never mentioned his name and never visited the cemetery. Even yesterday, when most graves still had flowers left over from Memorial Day, his was bare and neglected looking. Poor kid. I tell you, that's one freaking weird family IMHO. And I can say that with confidence, being a part of it for too long! Heh.

I'm glad I did my picture taking yesterday, the wind is blowing like crazy today! We're in a wind advisory until 10 p.m. tonight, with wind gusts to 50 mph, lovely. At least I think they took out our chance of severe storms, so we don't have to worry about that tonight. Mel and I are going to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill tonight. I can't WAIT! We have 2nd row tickets. I think the way the diagram for the Qwest Center showed it, the stage is shaped like a T and we have 2nd for on the bottom part of the T. It's their second show, last night about 15,000 went and tonight they're expecting 17,000. Hm. Maybe I shouldn't think about that, you know, me and crowds... At least we're on the main floor and don't have to trudge around the top tiers. Can't complain about the stairs, they have an escalator, but still I hate looking for seats. I hope these are aisle seats... Anyway, wouldn't you know it, I can't find the battery charger for my stupid camera. Ugh. I know there's some charge left in the one I have, but I don't know how much.

I ordered myself some Disney Crocs yesterday. I'm so excited. I love Crocs! They're like walking on marshmallows and when my feet are really hurting, they're the only thing I can wear. Speaking of my stupid feet, I suppose I'm going to have to have that huge bump removed from under my big toe. I've put it off forever, but it's getting hard to walk on now, so I guess I'll check with the rheumatologist this year when I have my blood work done. Whoopee. The good thing is we'll meet our deductible that way, we usually do, but it usually doesn't take until July! (Isn't that sad?)

I got some pictures of Toby yesterday, I'll have to get those posted here too. No time like the present, but I'll do another post for them.

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