Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Enuough is enough

I hate the cold and snow, but when it's 90 degrees outside with 70% humidity, I'm not too fond of summer either. I've been joking with my brother, Marc, that I'm growing gills. I'm not so sure that wouldn't help me breathe better. Just opening the back door to let the dogs out is suffocating. I feel wilted.

I didn't work yesterday, my arthritis was flaring up pretty bad in my left shoulder. I couldn't lift my arm up to the keyboard. Between that and surgery tomorrow, I should have an easy week. I'm thinking I'll be able to work on Thursday again. The surgery is just outpatient stuff. The only thing is I might have to use my left foot on my foot pedal. That could be ugly. It's like trying to write with my left hand. My brain just refuses to work at that point!

All the little critters are laying around my office snoring. I'm thinking a nap sounds pretty good about now too. I've already worked 4-1/2 hours today, so I'm off to join them for a little bit.



Marc said...

That is why you should be living in Southern California. We might pay out the ass to live here but we have incredible weather year around! Good luck with surgery tomorrow!

East of Eden said...

I'm with you on the Summer when it's hot. Not a fan of the cold, but not a fan of the 90+ temps. We have no a/c so when it's that warm, life is very interesting.