Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I love holiday weekends

Especially when I have to work. Not. Saturday went okay. I split the day working and doing stuff I wanted to do. Sunday was, well, odd. Check out my post about Charlie. I got about 4 hours of work done before we went to dad's for his cookout. It actually went quite well. I was totally expecting Pam to be totally antisocial to all of us after dad's anxiety attack and hospital stay on Tuesday, but actually she was pretty nice. Candace's parents came with Candace, Tony, and baby Ryan, so dad got to know them a little better. They're really nice people and really good role models for Tony and Candace.

Missy, Meg, Amber and I played Super Scrabble. I love that game, I could play forever! Which is probably a good thing when you play with Miss and Amber! LOL! Hey, I heart you guys! When we got home I finished working and then Meg and I played SS until 2:30.

I slept late on Monday and then woke up with a flare of my stupid MCTD. I had promised someone from RAGOK that I'd go to Ft. Calhoun and take some pictures of some grave sites for her, so Steve and I drove up there. I hobbled around the cemetery trying to find the graves for about 30 minutes, even after I realized there were no markers on any of them. I hate when that happens! I took some pictures of where the graves were, so she could see there were no markers. By that time my knee was hurting clear up into my hip, but Steve thought we should probably go out to West Lawn/Hillcrest and pay our respects to our families. Most all of our ancestors from both sides of the family are buried there, which makes it convenient. I'm glad we went, we found a marker for Steve's great-grandmother's uncle, so I got another photo for our family history while we were there.

We stopped home just long enough to take care of Toby and let the other dogs outside (and for me to grab a pain pill) before heading out to Steve's mom's for Steve's and Sue's birthday dinner. Mom had just gotten some roasted chicken and potato salad from Baker's. Bob's back is bothering him so they didn't want to cook out. It didn't matter to me! Mom always makes Sue an angel food cake, and a red velvet cake for Steve. Mike and Amy were there with the kids - I can't believe how big Gabe is getting! They're sprucing up their house for sale since Amy got a job in Memphis, and they're leaving in 6 weeks. I left not to long after everyone opened presents - I had Meg bring me home. I was rather annoyed that I worked like a demon all weekend and then the day I have off I have a stupid flare. Although there was some crappy weather around earlier in the day, which might have set it off. It's better today, but now my right hip hurts from walking funny because of the sore left leg yesterday. Some days you just have to roll with the punches, I guess.

This morning I cleaned up our room a little bit. I know I have to tackle the shower with some CLR, but I absolutely detest that job, so I'm putting it off for awhile longer! I have sewing stuff all over the kitchen, which I have to get picked up some time - how can you live in a 5 bedroom house and have no room? (Oh yeah, that's right, too much junk!) Mom's neighborhood is having a garage sale weekend after next, so I have to really get busy and go through some stuff. I know I have a TON of stuff to sell, it's just a matter of going through it and getting it over to her house. I hate pricing stuff.

I spent about an hour looking for my roller cutter the other night. I refuse to buy another when I know I have one, those things are about 25 bucks! I know it's here somewhere...

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